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Applied Relay Testing - The manufacturers choice

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About ART

Designing Advanced Relay Testing Equipment Since 1992

Applied Relay Testing is a British company specialising in the design of test equipment for electromechanical relays, reed relays and connectors. Our products use test and control techniques usually only found within high cost mixed signal semiconductor test systems and provide previously unattainable performance and throughput in areas such as low level parametric measurement, high voltage qualification and real world contact life testing. Relay and connector manufacturers worldwide now depend on these test systems for continuous use in production and for laboratory testing.

Historically most relay test equipment was created by manufacturers' own personnel, a strategy encouraged by lack of commercial equipment, the availability of qualified personnel and a perceived greater control over the equipment created. However such test systems often incurred unplanned investments in time and development as well as often relying on GPIB based instruments which can be slow and noise prone. Proper documentation for the resulting equipment was also often a challenge as was continuity of knowledge through later staff turnover.

Only the larger more specialised companies were able to maintain this level of in-house design activity and succeed in creating well integrated high speed equipment. In recent years economic pressures have caused many companies to re-think their strategy on home built equipment, slimming down their internal departments and often refocusing such skilled personnel more directly upon relay manufacture whilst looking outside for test equipment solutions.

Applied Relay Testing realised that this had created a demand for high performance, well-engineered measuring equipment, specifically designed for the requirements of relay testing and which could become an industry wide standard to aid the sometimes difficult engineering discussions that can occur between vendor and customer where their measuring methods and equipment differ.

In recent years our knowledge and experience has been used to set a new standard in connector testing, resulting in a range of connector test equipment designed to suit the requirements of the latest generation of connectors such as those with complex combinations of filters, fuses and suppression components.

We value our relationships with component manufacturers and users very highly, working closely with them to define their initial requirements and to meet or exceed these with our equipment. Such relationships have resulted in our equipment now being used in continuous production around the world. Take a look at our products to see how we might help you meet your targets.