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ArtWorks Software Package

Product Summary

The ArtWorks test package significantly enhances Applied Relay Testing's familiar Zeus test shell environment, adding many user-friendly features including password protected user levels, a test program generator wizard and links to ART's latest Microsoft Word based report generator tool. To evaluate or update the software for your product please e-mail ART.

Key Features

  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10/8/7/XP Pro.
  • Supports USB system interfacing using the ASY5672 adaptor.
  • Operator screen charting capability.
  • Automated part selection using 'Find' relay.
  • Test program generator wizard makes a relay test program in seconds.
  • Built-in report generator.
  • Separate operator and engineering windows.
  • Log-on password protected user levels.
  • Full context sensitive help.


  • Adds control of multiple relays with the Reflex 40 Stick/Miss test systems.
  • Adds control of multiple relays with the Reflex 51 Life Test systems fitted with the ASY5765 USB system card.
  • Supports 200Hz cycle rate build of compatible Reflex 40 and Reflex 51 systems.