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Reflex 950 - Kelvin High Voltage Connector Test System

Product Summary

The Reflex 950 is a connector test system which provides expansion of up to 160 Kelvin pair connections. The system incorporates high voltage AC and DC power supplies with a maximum output of +/- 2100 Volts peak for Hi Pot, Insulation resistance measurement. LCR bridge control is provided with 4 terminal multiplexing in order to add precision capacitance, inductance and resistance measurement capability. An integral H.V. capacitor bias option permits capacitance measurement to be made at up to 2.1kV.

Key Features

  • Expansion of up to 160 Kelvin pairs.
  • Hi-pot, insulation resistance measurement.
  • Precision LCR bridge to add capacitance, resistance, inductance measurement.
  • Capacitance HV bias to 2.1kV (optional).