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Reflex 901 - DWV/IR Test System

Product Summary

Applied Relay Testing Ltd has produced the Reflex 901 which dramatically simplifies and speeds the high-voltage testing of relay devices by allowing fixed test leads to be connected to each terminal of the relay device and then using internal switching to route high-voltages, grounding or current flow detection to the required device pins under control of a simple User-defined software test sequence.

The Reflex 901 can be thought of as a conventional hi-pot tester with the addition of a built-in high-voltage, low leakage multiplexer, however its design and architecture allows turnkey relay-specific tests on mono-stable or bi-stable relay devices with up to six changeover contacts and one or two coils. An integrated self-test completes the picture to suit it to the demands of production test.

A modular hardware architecture is used together with an integrated PC-compatible processor and the system operates together with an external keyboard and monitor. Using simple menu programming techniques, pre-written test 'types' (for example 'breakdown' or 'insulation resistance') are selected and their conditions edited to obtain the required parameters and device route. These test steps are combined into a device test sequence which runs producing pass or fail information and results together with data-logging to disk if required. Test sequences can easily be created for production testing where the device is required to be quickly confirmed as functional against specified voltages, or for Laboratory investigation where voltage ramps are required to determine actual device breakdown or insulation resistance parameters.