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Custom Software Solutions

Applied Relay Testing's software team produces custom software applications for your test requirements. Such software draws on our company experience of over 100 years of real-time hardware control and is often targeted at shop-floor high-speed production use. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, whether or not the subject is related to Relay testing.

Enhancing Your Existing Solution

ART can also examine existing custom test equipment, and advise upon ways to retain as much of an existing infrastructure as possible whilst applying current technology and software to critical areas either to improve throughput or replace hardware that is hard to maintain.

Production Interface

Customers have often involved us early during the planning of complex production lines so that we can provide a seamless integration of supplied equipment with solutions from other companies and design teams. This has sometimes involved the creation of specific software tools or the enhancement of existing software applications.

Our commitment to you

In all of these ways we seek to create an enduring technical relationship. To discuss your requirements please e-mail ART.