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Reflex 10 - Low Cost Relay System

Product Summary

The Reflex 10 is one of a new range of relay test products that combine a flexible hardware architecture with advanced test software. Relay tests can be constructed within minutes and displayed using a very simple interface, making the system ideal for low-cost production applications.

Key Features

  • MIL-PRF-83536 compliant
  • Tests single and dual DC coil relays
  • Tests devices with up to 4 form C contacts at up to 28V/0.1A
  • Performs all basic parametric relay tests
  • Optional 0-30V/0-10A contact voltage drop unit ASY0700
  • Option for relays with integral FET/transistor/timing pin
  • Reed switch test option
  • Simple operation for production testing
  • Menu style programming.
  • Full data logging
  • Test program compatibility with RT290, Reflex 10M and 510.
  • Automatic handler and solenoid-based test fixture support.

ASY0700 High Current Load Option

The ASY0700 adds programmable 0 - 30 Volt / 0 - 10 Amp contact load capability.