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Video Tutorials

A selection of video tutorials for a number of our products.

  • Reflex 10

    The Reflex 10 is one of a new range of relay test products that combine a flexible hardware architecture with advanced test software.

  • Reflex 40

    The Reflex 40 is a highly customisable Stick/Miss test system based on the modular Reflex architecture.

  • Reflex 51

    Reflex 51 offers a complete range of life test hardware and software modules to enable any Relay Life Test application to be easily and quickly configured.

  • Reflex 80

    An MIL spec compliant relay contact chatter detection system, providing the resources to monitor contact chatter during shock and vibration testing.

  • Reflex 950

    The Reflex 950 is a connector test system which provides expansion of up to 160 Kelvin pair connections.

  • Reflex 510

    High pin count Relay/Contactor test system performing all the low voltage MIL-PRF-83536A test steps with 4 terminal measurement accuracy.

  • RT290

    The RT290 is ART's flagship parametric test systems for monostable and bistable relay devices with up to 8 changeover contact sets.